Biography of Luang Phor Tae Wat Sam Ngam

Biography of Luang Phor Tae Wat Sam Ngam

King of Kumanthong – LP Tae Wat Sam Ngam

LP Tae was born on 15th September BE 2434 (1891) and passed away on 25th December BE 2524 (1981), at the age of 90 years old.
LP Tae is recognized as the King of Kumanthong in all of Thailand, or should be said to be the most orthodox (White magic). The Kumanthong he supervised is recognized as the most effective in all of Thailand, and it is also a very precious holy relic that collectors are eager to own.

LP Tae was sent to the temple since he was a child, and he didn't return home until he was 7 years old. After three years of filial piety to his parents, he officially became a monk. As he was very interested in magic arts, at the age of 20, he travelled around to learn from various high monks. The first high monk that LP Tae encountered was LP Ta Wat Paneangtak, who is also the one who guided him the way to become a Forest Guru, where he lived & practiced in the forest.

After the passing of LP Ta Wat Paneangtak, LP Tae went to study under LP Chaem Wat Takong. LP Chaem Wat Takong is an eminent monk and imparted the techniques of creating Kuman Powder to LP Tae. Given how strong LP Tae’s Kuman Powder & Khun Paen are, the reason behind it can be credited to LP Chaem. LP Chaem taught LP Tae how to effectively blessed Kuman Powder & the selection criteria for the materials is very strict. LP Chaem only uses ashes from those who were born & passed on specific days. He believes that Prai Kuman Powder made under such conditions will have the best strength. Without holding back, he selflessly taught all the wiccha & methods he knew to LP Tae.

It is said that LP Tae only takes a bath once a year, but his body will not smell. There are many of such examples in many eminent monks, and it is a very peculiar point when speaking about monks with high power. LP Tae is a very kind master; he often raises funds for children who are unable to afford education. When he often goes out for alms, there will be people who are eager to donate to LP Tae, and LP Tae will always use the donation to help those in need. After accepting them, LP Tae will bless the donators personally.

LP Tae liked to travel around to practice his wiccha and there was once he reached a village that was in poverty-stricken. There were many children in the village who suffered from dystocia or even starved to death. The parents of the deceased children hoped that LP Tae could help to ease the pain of the children’s soul in the after world. Therefore, after cremation, LP Tae used their ashes to create Kumanthong so that their souls can provide blessings & help worshippers in their daily lives. They would be able to accumulate merits & receive the opportunity to be reincarnated, no longer suffering the same pain as before.

After worshipping LP Tae’s Kumanthong, many believers have come forward to share their experience, as they have achieved dramatic improvements in their business & life; some even received an endless stream of money.

There was a famous incident that happened that was widely spread & reported by the media. A believer that was visiting LP Tae accidentally fell and knocked down a Kumanthong statue. LP Tae recited the scripture and within moments, the Kumanthong statue moved backed into its original position, standing upright. Many people came to find LP Tae for his sacred relics, but LP Tae did not easily give them to anybody who asked. Only a truly sincere & kind person was qualified to invite his Kumanthong back to worship.

In addition to Kumanthong , LP Tae's Khun Paen is the three most recognized and orthodox Kuman powder holy materials in Thailand today. The other two are LP Tim Wat Lahan Rai and LP Kong Wat Wang Sapparos. LP Tae & LP Tim are also hailed as the most outstanding monks of the ancient and modern production of Kuman in Thailand, the value of their sacred relics is increasing year by year due to the effectiveness in terms of Wealth fetching, charisma, popularity & wish granting. It is still loved by believers & collectors despite soaring prices.
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