Biography Of Luang Pu Tim Wat Phra Khao

Biography Of Luang Pu Tim Wat Phra Khao

Luang Pu Tim Wat Phra Khao was born in BE 2456 (Year 1913) and passed away in BE 2552 (Year 2009). He was born into the family of Mr Peng & Mrs Kim, with a total of 6 siblings. LP Tim was the 5th child in the family. In the early years, LP Tim ordained at Wat Pikut (Ayutthaya). When LP Tim reached the age of 20, he was recalled & had to join the army due to World War II.

  After the war, LP Tim returned to his hometown & got married and have kids. At the age of 35, he decided to re-enter monkhood (BE 2491, year 1948) because he had seen through the world & believed that he had a greater calling. LP Tim returned to Wat Pikut, there place where he had started, and shortly after was transferred to Wat Phra Khao in BE 2492 (Year 1949). Due to LP Tim’s profound practice and knowledge, he took over as the abbot of Wat Phra Khao in BE 2499 (Year 1956) and was even awarded the highest level of Buddhism certificate, but that did not stop him from learning & reaching higher Buddhist attainments. He was promoted continuously and according to records, LP Tim did not abandon any precepts because of this. He never had any contact with money (completely different from the modern master), dedicating his time to build Buddhist temples, Buddhist colleges, monks' dormitories, etc.

  LP Tim has always been considered to have a very high understanding of Buddhism and wiccha, which can be displayed through his amulets. Ever since he took over as the Abbot of Wat Phra Khao, he has made great contributions to the temple & people (building monks' dormitories etc.). There is no deny that he laid the foundation to the prosperity of Wat Phra Khao & the people.

  In BE 2501(Year 1958), the main hall of the temple was built, all the bricks and tiles in the temple were replaced, the walls of the temple that had been lacking in maintenance for many years were rebuilt, the Buddhist education hall was renovated. The temple was renovated for visitors & devotees, not only to shelter from the wind and rain but also to escape the heat. More importantly, LP Tim not only make great contributions to the temple, but also took care of the local residents.

  LP Tim built a crematorium for the local people. He even built bridges, paved roads and renovated many disrepair places in the area, and his contribution was deeply loved by the people. In the BE2510 (Year 1967), due to LP Tim's great achievements, he was promoted to the District Dean by the Buddhist community.

  To talk about why LP Tim has so many miracles and powerful spells, we must mention the three great mentors in the LP Tim’s records.

  • Firstly, Luang Phor Sang, the master that ordained & shaved the head of LP Tim
  • Secondly, Luang Phor Jong Wat Na Tang Nok, the top master in Ayutthaya
  • Lastly, Luang Phor Sodh Wat Paknam, the creator of the famous Bai Lan Buddha (白欖佛), one of the top 9 monks in Thailand.

  These 3 eminent monks mentored LP Tim, thus helping him to reach his highest peak of enlightenment & power.

 Among them, LP Jong Wat Na Tang Nok is also the teacher who influenced LP Tim most profoundly in magic. Apart from being the top master in Ayutthaya in terms of wiccha, Luang Phor Jong is also recognized throughout Thailand as King of Wealth-Fetching Fish, King of Metta Mahaniyom (Popularity & Charisma). Therefore, sacred images such as Wealth-Fetching fish are often used by LP Tim. What is even more commendable is that LP Jong's powerful Metta Mahaniyom method has brought full wealth and happiness to the believers, and it is precisely because of this LP Tim is more diligent, in the sacred things of Metta Mahaniyom (such as Khun Paen, Nam Phraya) production is even more excellent. With all the miracles & lives that LP Tim has influenced, he is crowned with the title of Supremacy of Metta Mahaniyom.

  Another mentor of LP Tim is Luang Phor Sodh Wat Paknam. He is one of the nine great monks in Thailand history. LP Sodh Wat Paknam is known for his ability to change your bad luck into good luck, and has a strong power to prevent danger & avoid danger. According to legends, LP Tim had inherited the wiccha from LP Sodh to control & communicate with energies that cannot be seen with the naked eye (3rd Dimension, 第三度空间). It is a wicca that can see through your soul, look into your past and foresee your future. This is a sacred wicca that not only can alter your luck & fortune, and even your lifespan. This high level wicca that LP Tim possess is highly influenced by his mentor, LP Sodh Wat Paknam.

  In Singapore, many believers of LP Tim have named him as King of 4D (Lottery of SG), helping them to escape from bad luck & poverty. Many believers recount the events of LP Tim entering their dreams when asleep, giving them directions to achieve greater heights in their lives, or guiding them the way to overcome the upcoming struggles. Even people who don’t believe in the supernatural have encountered incidents which ultimately change their view of LP Tim. Many followers of LP Tim such as businessman have witness their business blooming within a short period & fortunes have flourished ever since.

  Another miracle that was witnessed was that a fire broke out and the fire came to a stop right before the house that was blessed with LP Tim’s Phayant. It is not an coincidence as it was witnessed in various different situations. Believers soon realised that LP Tim not only help to bring wealth & fortune, but also save one’s life from danger.

  In addition to keeping the precepts strictly, Master LP Tim did not like to be entangled with business behaviours in his life, such as the popular speculation of amulets or commercial activities, or the hype of falsely claiming materials or miracles. Therefore, many amulet dealers at that time were unwilling to promote & spread the good of LP Tim’s sacred relics. This resulted in the circulation of LP Tim’s sacred relics limited to only the local residents or believers that chanced upon this great master. Even if you were to approached the local residents or believers, most of them were strongly unwilling to release the items as the power contained within them were real & they held high respect to LP Tim.

  It can be seen how noble the value of LP Tim’s sacred relics were and the weight in the heart of every single believer.

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