Introduction about King of Wealth Turtle - Luang Phor Liew Wat Rai Tang Tong

Introduction about King of Wealth Turtle - Luang Phor Liew Wat Rai Tang Tong

LP Liew was born in the year BE 2448 (1905) and passed away at the age of 95 in BE 2543 (2000).
LP Liew was born in a place where agriculture was the main source of income. When he was young, World War 1 befall on the world and even at that age, LP Liew was greatly saddened by the fact that he could help in any way towards the disaster that happened in front of his eyes. Therefore, he left his parents and went to the border of Thailand to find a master with high skills in hope to learn powerful spells to help disadvantaged people.

After a few years, LP Liew returned to his hometown and wanted to protect his hometown from gangsters and robbers in his own ways. Although he was able to ward off them for time being, it was a vicious cycle. After a long period of time, LP Liew’s mother was saddened upon seeing this, and very reluctant to let LP Liew remained this way. She hoped that LP Liew could break away from the cycle of using violence to control violence. To stop such confrontations, LP Liew went forward and ordained as a monk at the age of 27 years old.

After becoming a monk, the LP Liew hoped to help the villagers with the help of Buddhism, so he began to study again. He learned Buddhism and magic from many famous teachers at that time. After the Second World War, various industries were in recession. At this moment LP Liew also started to supervise the construction of sacred relics to raise funds to build temples in 2500 of the Buddhist calendar, including schools and health centres that the people needed. They were all completely built by LP Liew’s fund raising. All of them were built with funds raised by LP Liew so that all the residents could get help. They were done bit by bit from scratch to help the residents, including the surrounding provincial capitals. LP Liew’s kindness and determination was widely known throughout the nation.

In the process, LP Liew’s most famous relic is the Turtle of Wealth. Known as the King of Wealth Fetching Turtle, this category of amulets made LP Liew famous, and it can be regarded as a classic up till this date. This includes a Wealth Turtle named “Suk Jai” which means “Happy, Wish-Fulfilment”. It was created with the direction in hope that believers can achieve everything they want but also be prosperous & happy. Believers are convinced that wearing the wealth turtle of LP Liew can help in terms of fortune & wealth, but also longevity, popularity, prevent disasters, avoid danger etc. It is full-featured, all-round and highly collectible. Many consider it a very high amulet holy relic.

The turtle is an auspicious animal in the Chinese area. It is characterized by the fact that it can only move forward and never retreat. In addition, its lifespan is more than 100 years, and its shell is hard. It also represents longevity, good harvest, and sturdiness. In Buddhist legends, there was a Bodhisattva who was reincarnated as a divine turtle. The legend says that crew members of a ship faced a crash and was running out of food. The divine turtle sacrificed his life to feed the crew members with flesh to prevent the crew from killing each other due to starvation; the turtle shell was also turned into hulls and carried the crew members back to their hometowns safely. When they were protected, they brought the turtle shells back to enshrine them. Later, these crew members lived a long life. Everyone in business was prosperous and there was an endless stream of wealth.

Therefore, in order to commemorate the good deeds of the turtle Bodhisattva, some masters began to make many amulets of the turtle, which can ensure safety, prevent lawsuits, attract popularity and good luck, and people who are not doing well in their careers are especially suitable for wearing or enshrining this image.










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