Kruba Chanta Wat Chang Khuen

Kruba Chanta Wat Chang Khuen

Kruba Chanta was born on Feb 28 BE 2468, the year of the ox. His family consist of 6 children in total and Kruba Chanta was the oldest. At a very young age, he was deeply interested in Buddhism & Wiccha. When he was young, he studied at a school set up by Wat Nong Chang Khuen, and due to the nature of his environment in Northern Thailand, he was exposed to an ancient “Lanna” language (“Lanna” is a minority in northern Thailand, having its own unique culture, writing, and mystical magic.) At the age of 12, Kruba Chanta as already displayed a huge talent in Wiccha and he studied from various masters diligently, commiting himself to “Lanna” ancient methods of seals & scriptures. He officially became a monk on June 5th BE 2487.

Kruba Chanta’s strength lies in the holy powder material that he personally produced by reciting sutras and mantras, and because of his early age diligence, he has become one of the very few people in modern times who fully understand or should be better said to be proficient in "Karuna". He is good at using and writing the characters & mantras of the "Lanna" , as well as the ancient Khmer scriptures (Pali), thus making Kruba Chanta very famous. Many eminent monks from other temples at that time had to come to Kruba Chanta to obtain these classic holy materials when they were supervising the creation of holy objects, especially in the case of popularity & charisma methods. During his lifetime, Kruba Chanta devoted himself to raising funds to build temples and to help the nearby villagers and the poor. As a result, he was loved by people inside and outside the village.

Kruba Chanta has been practicing and studying throughout his life, therefore he is famous in terms of attracting wealth, business, or human charisma. Every time Kruba Chanta makes & consecrates a sacred object, he insists on doing it himself and never fakes it for others. That is because Kruba Chanta believes that making a sacred object must bring benefits to the wearer, otherwise it will often become a decoration. Therefore from collecting materials, consecrating holy powder, to pressing molds, printing temple seals, and engraving talismans, all must be done by him alone. Even the consecration blessing of the final amulet must take more than 25 days to more than one year to fully imbue the power into the amulet.

The sutra powder made by Kruba Chanta is very different from that of ordinary masters because he makes the sutra powder mainly in two ways :

The first is a method similar to that handed down by Somdej Toh. First, he uses chalk on the blackboard, write the ancient Khmer scriptures on it, recite a section of scriptures every time he write a talisman, brush them off after writing all the scripture markers, and then use the fallen powder to rub it into a piece of chalk, and write it again and so on for a total of 9 times.

The second type is from the ancient "Lanna" method. Firstly, 108 kinds of specific herbal plants a variety of different powders are mixed, rubbed into a human shape, and then placed on the human-shaped doll. After which, he writes the "Lanna" talisman, and recite its specific scriptures and incantations while writing. The reason for making a human-shaped doll is to ask the gods to come down and consecrate the doll. The dolls are placed in his altar for blessing day and night, until when there is a need to use these holy powders, the master grinds them into powder and presses them into amulets.

Due to the complicated production of the holy powder he made, the stock of all holy powder is not much, so the production volume of each amulet made by Kruba Chanta is quite rare.

All amulet merchants in Northen Thailand will know about Kruba Chanta’s amulets and they themselves will wear his amulets for a long time. The older generation will always keep every single relic they come across made by Kruba Chanta as it has excellent effects in terms of popularity, marriage, opposite sex, attracting wealth, and preventing disasters. Therefore, many people in the north are almost reluctant to sell.


It takes a lot of energy to consecrate the amulets each time, therefore, the number of amulets produced each time is very little, using up a lot of strength & energy from Kruba Chanta. Due to the small number and the fact that many people collect it and do not let go of it, Kruba Chant’s holy relics are rarely circulated in the market, and even if there are any, the price has become the top and expensive holy relics.

People in northern Thailand have a saying that if you have the opportunity to take the holy relic of Kruba Chanta, you will feel his power and effect, and you will not even want to wear any other amulets after taking it.

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