The final legacy of Wat Saphan Soong - Luang Phor Thongsuk

The final legacy of Wat Saphan Soong - Luang Phor Thongsuk

The treasures of Wat Saphan Soong are Tarkut and the Pidta series, which is also recognized on a national scale as Thailand’s No.1 Powder Pidta. This legacy started & ended with the main 3 monks of Wat Saphan Soong:

- 1st Generation: LP Eiam
- 2nd Generation: LP Gin
- 3rd Generation: LP Thongsuk

In modern times, the most famous monk of Wat Saphan Soong is LP Thongsuk. The Pidta series that he has consecrated and built has countless of miracles, changing the lives of many people that are willing to vouch for it. Amulets made by him are highly sought after by both believers & collectors.

After wearing sacred relics by LP Thongsuk, many believers have successfully turned their lives around from the lowest point to the very top. In the aspect of career, relationships, fortune, these categories are developing & improving steadily. Benefactors tend to come along the way in terms of business and providing an endless stream of wealth.

Each amulet from Wat Saphan Soong will have an ancient, consecrated powder. These ancient powders are mixed with a variety of special pollen, resins, special scripture powders and sacred objects. It is said that some powders made in ancient times are also very rare, practically cannot be recreated anymore. Due to the tradition of Wat Saphan Soong, the ancient holy powder will only appear & be used in the sacred objects of the temple. If you are looking to have something from Wat Saphan Soong, it is a holy relic that is extremely precious and comes with a very high value.

The shape of the Pidta is created based on the tradition Wat Saphan Soong and were famous for being able to raise your luck tremendously, bring wealth to you, and avoid imminent danger in all aspects. In the early days, the creation of the sacred objects was mainly in accordance with the wiccha that each of the 3 monks were outstanding in. Many did not know that it can also improve relationships with opposite sex and charisma. In Thailand, the pidta from Wat Saphan Soong is one of the Top 5 must-have and it a common category in amulet competitions.

At the age of 17, LP Gin,the master of LP Thongsuk, started to learn Khmer & Pali. In BE 2426, he learned Dharma from LP Eiam, successfully inherited the skills & wiccha in specialized techniques and powder-based pidta. In the end, they were all passed down to LP Thongsuk and because of such a tradition, the 3 of them created the legacy of Wat Saphan Soong.
LP Eiam’s holy relics have soared to a price that not many people can have the ability to own one, thus many of them turn to LP Gin or LP Thongsuk ‘s relics. This is because when consecrating the amulets, they would add in powders blessed by LP Eiam during his time to enhance the effectiveness. At the same time, the two holy monks also learned and inherited the method of LP Eiam, so the effect is almost the same as that of LP Eiam, and the energy is extremely powerful.

When it comes to Solo Mongkhun, it is an ancient scripture. Simply speaking, “Solo” means 16, and “Mongkhun” is the meaning of auspiciousness in the Pali language,Mangala. It also means to keep away from all negative energy & bad karma. It is said that successful usage of this scripture can allow the wearer receive protection from the gods and it is so powerful to an extend that you will also get an all-round blessing from them. It is full of divine power, which has reached the level of invulnerability

There is also a legend that the wearer cannot be hurt in any form that will result in death. With the possession of Solo Mongkhun on the wearer, he will receive the very hard and sturdy protection of the gods, and nothing can violate it.






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