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Prestige Amulets 泰国佛教牌商

1st Batch Rian with Hand Yant - Phra Maha Surasakw Wat Pradu BE2553

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(Comes with SMK authentication card)

Considered as one of the top representative monks in this era, Chao Khun Maha Surasak has studied and practiced since a very young age. He studied from high monks of the previous era such as LP Suk Wat Kalong, LP Jer Wat Klang Bang Kaew, LP Unn Wat Tankong, LP Yod Wat Kaew Charoen, Archan Seng. His holy relics are constantly being snapped up which leads to crazy prices in the market. He is always invited to co-bless in various ceremonies as his power is acknowledged by public and monks.

The front features the very first time Chao Khun Maha Surasak has his self-image rian. The back features various incantations of spells to provide wearers to receive blessings all directions. Known as the Buddha’s Crown, Mongkot Phra Phuttajao, calls for wealth and speeds up the the process of each believer to reach the peak of their lives faster. Surrounding the Buddha’s Crown are incantations to provide wears with abilities to cure misfortune, empower Metta & Kindness, power & wisdom, protection from danger physically & mentally.

This piece is the most important piece if you are a believer of Phra Maha Surasak. Miracles occurred as early as the year this batch was released. There were incidents involving protection from fatal accidents, events that could not be explained with science. This batch also enabled many people who wish to be successful and wealthy, intensely helped them in their business regardless of trade. Due to the amount of success stories, many flocked to collect and wear , and it definitely did not disappoint.


Every amulet from Prestige Amulets are authenticated by Samakompra, also known as Thai Buddha Image Admiration Association, Thailand's top authentication centre.

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