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Luang Phor Pae Wat Phikulthong - Somdej Pae Sam Pan

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Monk : Luang Phor Pae

Temple : Wat Phikulthong

Year : BE 2512

Material : Nur Phong

Item : Somdej Pae Sam Pan - Hand Mould


Wrap in 90 real gold casing, Russian diamond and comes with Samakompra Authentication card


LP Pae Wat Phikulthong is one of the top 3 high monks in our generation. Throughout his lifetime, he has done many works of Buddhist amulets such as Somdej, Pidta, Khun Paen, Phra Khring, Self Image, Nangkwak, Naprok, 7 days Buddha etc. Many of them have a very good reputation of effectiveness and among them, the most sought after is the image of Somdej.

After years of war and chaos, the practice of Buddhism recovered and prospered during the period of BE2500. A large number of famous monks emerged and the inheritance of Dharma & Wicha line continued smoothly, creating the birth of many high monks and miracles. After BE2500, LP Pae’s Somdej is considered one of the best & most efficacious that was blessed by a single monk.
If we were to evaluate it more carefully, according to the market value reaction, Pae Pan made in BE 2510 would be ranked the 1st without any argument. Although this is not the first time that LP Pae has officially blessed Somdej but in terms of popularity, recognition and reputation in the field of amulet collections, Pae Pan is well-deserved first.

LP Pae’s Pan series Somdej is extremely famous, the first was made in BE2510 (Pae Pan), the second was made in BE2511(Sorng Pan) and the third was made in BE2512(Sam Pan). After which, there was another batch of Sam Pan made, that consisted of Nur Rae (Minerals & Stones). It was only after more than 20 years, LP Pae created the fourth and fifth continuation of Pan series.

Pae Pan that was made in BE2510 is the most expensive of all the Somdej. It has a history of 55 years and for the vast majority of people, even if they can spend a lot of money to find them, the probability of being able to get an authentic piece is very low. In the recent years, it is very rare to see Pae Pan on the market. At that time, the materials for making this series included a variety of pollen, burnt scriptures, gems, ores, gold tarkut, LP Pae’s personal blessed powder, LP Pae’s personal collection of old Somdej amulets. It is said that old Somdej amulets of Archan Toh (Also known as Somdej Toh, the 1st creator of Somdej at Wat Rakang) were also used. Such materials will only appear in the period when money is not so sensitive. In our current generation, it is very difficult to find genuine amulets made by Archan Toh, and it is even more impossible to use them to make amulets. After the blessing ceremony at Wat Phikulthong, LP Pae continued to bless the amulets for at least 3 months to reach the fullest potential. With such materials and blessing, no one can deny its great power.


Every amulet from Prestige Amulets are authenticated by Samakompra, also known as Thai Buddha Image Admiration Association, Thailand's top authentication centre.

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