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Prestige Amulets 泰国佛教牌商

Luang Phor Parn Wat Kherwan - BE 2484 ~ 2517 Pidta

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Monk : Luang Phor Parn

Temple : Wat Kherwan

Year : BE 2484 ~ 2517

Item : Pidta Lang Bat


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LP Jiao Wat Kherwan is one of the top 5 Pidta makers in Thailand. His Pidta are made towards for increasing popularity, charisma, luck and wealth expansion. Therefore, out of the top 5 Pidta masters, his is ranked 1st place for increasing popularity and also highly regarded in Thailand for increasing charisma.

However, the existing authentic relics of LP Jiao are hard to find and often cost ranging from hundred thousands to millions Thai baht, which is not a price ordinary people can accept! Therefore, in order to inherit the leftover materials used by LP Jiao and the skills, the apprentice must be hand-picked.

LP Parn is the direct disciple of LP Jiao and he uses a high concentration of materials that he inherited from LP Jiao and created this famous pidta. His pidta are made using
1) Hand carved wood mould left behind by LP Jiao
2) High concentration of LP Jiao’s materials and famous pollen that said to increase charisma.

It is worth mentioning that LP Parn learned from LP Tam (The previous abbot of Wat Kherwan) the method of creating medicinal herb and became more sophisticated, creating his own style.


Every amulet from Prestige Amulets are authenticated by Samakompra, also known as Thai Buddha Image Admiration Association, Thailand's top authentication centre.

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