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Luang Pu Toh Wat Pradoochimplee - Jumbo Sorng

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Monk : Luang Pu Toh

Temple : Wat Pradoochimplee

Year : BE 2521 - 2523

Material : Nur Bailan

Item : Pidta Jumbo Sorng


Wrap in 80 real gold casing and comes with Samakompra Authentication card


One of the nine great monks, LP Toh Wat Pradoochimplee is known as the King of Pidta. LP Toh was 94 years old when he created the legendary batches of Pidta and Somdej which are very effective.

The pidta consist of 3 different versions, which are burnt Ancient Scriptures, Pollen or incense ash. Other than that, materials from Somdej Toh, LP Suk Wat Paknam, Supreme Patriach Pae were also added into it. Sometimes if special holy objects were found, they will be added into it as well. LP Toh will insert his tarkut into the bottom of the Pidta and his tarkuts are relatively precious and rare. After the Pidta is casted, some will be placed in Holy Water and the total blessing ceremony is 3 months before competition.

LP Toh passed away in BE 2524 and the record of manufacture is 2521-2523. There were 3 different version of Pidta made at the same time :

1) Pidta Jumbo Song
2) Pidta Yant Duong Lek
3) Podnee Pidta

There are frequent miracle stories after wearing LP Toh’s pidta and many said that if you encounter a problem, all you have to do is to ask for help, and the problem is usually solved.
Below are some real stories :

There was a person who has never struck fortune in his entire life, even an consolation prize. He went to Wat Pradoochimplee to seek for a pollen version of Jumbo Song and made a wish upon receiving the amulet ; If LP Toh truly has the ability, please help me improve my wealth. A week later, the very same person struck the second prize of the lottery, which was 200k Thai Baht (8k Sgd). This amount of money at that period of time (40 years ago) can buy a 3 Storey bungalow in Thailand business district.

Another individual was in debt to the bank and upon wearing Podnee Pidta, he managed to pay off his debt within a short period of time.

One individual jumped off at the height at 20,000 feet and the parachute failed to open up due to a malfunction. When he landed, his feet was broken and the rest of his body was almost unscathed. It was then he credited the miracle to LP Toh as he was wearing Jumbo Song at that moment.

It is said that whoever holds on to the Pidta of LP Toh, not only can turn misfortune into fortune, you would be able to stay away from accidents, succeed in everything, and have an endless stream of fortune. Too many facts has proved that LP Toh’s pidta is efficacious and also the reason why the value has been increasing every year.


Every amulet from Prestige Amulets are authenticated by Samakompra, also known as Thai Buddha Image Admiration Association, Thailand's top authentication centre.

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