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Prestige Amulets 泰国佛教牌商

Rian Chennajon Pure Silver - LP Tim Wat Phra Khao BE2540

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(Wrapped in real 90 gold open-close casing & comes with SMK authentication card)

LP Tim Wat Phra Khao is known as the Supremacy of Maha Metta Niyom and in addition to his wiccha in helping believers received an tremendous in charisma, , the more important thing is the ability to help believers to fulfil their wishes. In the area of Singapore-Malaysia, he is also known as the King of 4D by many (4D is Singapore’s lottery), which represents his ability to perform miracles. However, LP Tim has always been reluctant to be hyped by amulet dealers at that time, which also made the price of Master's sacred items very affordable in the early years. But in the last decade, due to the countless of miracles that have been credited to LP Tim’s sacred relics, the prices in the market have soared.

When talking about LP Tim, many would emphasize the batch made in BE 2540 named Chennajon (which means to “Overcome all poverty) which is the top & most classic relic by LP Tim. It happened to fall on LP Tim’s 7th Buddhist cycle (7 Rob, 84 years old), the relic featured LP Tim as the front image and the back image was a series of scriptures surrounding a money bag in the middle. According to rumours at that time, LP Tim believed that he has fully honed his wiccha and its power was at a whole new level than before. He has successfully cultivated the method of creating relics with Maha Metta Niyom & Maha Setti. Therefore, LP Tim specially produced & distributed this batch of relics on his 7th Buddhist cycle. Not only did he make a bless and pray for good luck to each disciple and believer, but he also repeatedly engraved the scriptures seven times. The degree of blessing that this batch went through made every believer wants to get hold of it.

LP Tim named the title of this sacred work “Chennajon”, which in hope that his relics & blessings can give power to everybody to get rid of all troubles & poverty, reshape people’s lives to no longer go through any hardships & sufferings, and to be filled with happiness daily.


Every amulet from Prestige Amulets are authenticated by Samakompra, also known as Thai Buddha Image Admiration Association, Thailand's top authentication centre.

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